The GIANFRANCO SCOTTI brand is launched in March 2011 with his first women’s collection for Fall/Winter 2011-2012.

The essence of the brend finds its origins in the Haute-couture traditions and men’s Savile Row suits. Throughout his collections, Gianfranco confirms his vision of a garment that fits into a real tayloring expertise with a desire to offer above all a high quality luxury as shown in the overall work of handmade details.

The wardrobe borrows codes from menswear, to provide a sleek silhouette, with a clear refinement. Pushing the bundaries of the garment construction id the anchor if Gianfranco’s work, always keeping in mind the body of the woman whom he will dress. The columes are created by a methodological graphic study to better generates flowing architectures. Even if each piece is the result of a mechanical thought, it remains light and effortless.

Fascinated by the women who have taken part in history, visionaries in their society, Gianfranco tells their quests for ideas, their thoughts expressed in various forms. They become his muses, the inspiration for all his work.